Nesillerin Fikir Ayrılığı (İngilizce)

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Nesillerin Fikir Ayrılığı (İngilizce)

Conflict of Generations

Even sometimes, people don’t get on with others. So, conflict of generations is normal. “Everything changes every time.” For example; turnouts, hair styles, musics… First, every generations think differently. Because there are some new and old things in their life. They affect to generations. Second, old generations act hypersensitive to new generations. For this reason, they don’t allow to make mistakes and new generations don’t get the many experiences. Third, generations prejudge each other. Shortly, generation keeps aloof from other generation. In conclusion, we should live in mutual love and respect with other generations. In this way, maybe conflict of generations won’t end. But we have a good life, despite the disagreements.

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