Yurt Hayatı (İngilizce)

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Yurt Hayatı (İngilizce)

Dormitory Life

Most of people like living in own houses. Because it’s comfort, restful and (at least) congenial. But dormitory is not like this. Dormitory has basic advantage. First of these, it provides the basic needs easily. Next, You have chance of meeting with new people. So, You can be social and active person. In addition to all these, dormitory has some disavantage. For example, You must live with other people and this situation can pose a problem. Maybe You want to have a clean room but your roommates might not care about this. Finding a like-minded friend is so hard. If you have a friend like this. You don’t have to lost they. I think in spite of disavantages, living in dormitory is good for the students.

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