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Monthly Archives: Nisan 2017

Arang and The Magistrate

Hayalet hikayelerinden esinlenen dizide Arang (Shin Min Ah) nasıl öldüğünü hatırlamayan ortalıkta dolaşıp sürekli başına bela açan bir hayalettir. Hayaletleri yakalamakla görevli olan avcılardan kaçarak sadece nasıl öldüğünü ortaya çıkarmaya çalışmaktadır ve yolu köye atanan yeni yargıç Lee Eun-oh (Lee Jun Ki ) ile kesişir

Türkiye’de Öğrenci Olmak (İngilizce)

TO BE A STUDENT (in Turkey) To be a student in our country is neither easy nor hard work. If you just live to fun, you can do this easily. Sometimes you should find a way to pass the exam. If you want to be

Yenilikçi Öğretmen (İngilizce)

INNOVATIVE TEACHER Surely, a teacher should has many characteristics. But I think most important one of them is to be innovative person. Time is passing and everything is changing. Every students are differents. But generation is similar. So the teacher should conform with the students

Teknolojinin İyi Yönleri (İngilizce)

Good Part of Technology The Technology is both good and also bad. That’s ‘however you want’. But I’m writing about good part of technology. In these days, people are using technological tools in everywhere of life. First, people can make contact with others, and distance

Daha İyi Bir Sanayi (İngilizce)

A Better Industry Every developed country has a better industry. Better industry means to be better life. First, If a country has a large industry. It can do home production. Second, We need to become economically independent. So, We have sound industry. Third, We should

Türkiye’nin Nüfusu (İngilizce)

Population of Turkey A developed country needs to young people. That’s employes and costumers. Nowadays, Turkey has a equilibrium population. But this situation isn’t fixed. First, old population is on the rise. Because people are living for a long time. Second, people are adopting (so-called)

Nesillerin Fikir Ayrılığı (İngilizce)

Conflict of Generations Even sometimes, people don’t get on with others. So, conflict of generations is normal. “Everything changes every time.” For example; turnouts, hair styles, musics… First, every generations think differently. Because there are some new and old things in their life. They affect

Sanal Hayatım (İngilizce)

My Online Live          I’m interested in technology since my childhood. Specially I have been doing on web for 5 years. Until this time, I got a lot of experience in this job. For example, in the beginning, I only helped to people. Then, I

Tembelliğim (İngilizce)

My Laziness (in Other’s opinion) I couldn’t find to “be bad at work” for me. So I’m writing about my laziness. Laziness is a interesting habit, particularly in this century. Because it has a new meaning now. In other words, it isn’t not to work.