Sevdiğimiz ve Sevmediğimiz İşler Hakkında İngilizce Yazı

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Sevdiğimiz ve Sevmediğimiz İşler Hakkında İngilizce Yazı

Bu konu hakkında yazı yazılması yaygın olarak isteniliyor mu bilmiyorum. Bizim dönemimizde istenmişti ve bunun için çizim yapmak ve ezberlemek konularını seçmiştim. Ezber yapmak hala çok zor benim için.


Every people has some interests. People spend their free time with them. I am interested in drawing picture. My mother endeared drawing picture to me when I was a child. We drew picture together. I wanted to improve myself so I want to drawing course in my school when I was 12. Our pictures are still in this school. Then I attended to picture club and I chose the picture lesson in high school. I was third in İstanbul in a competition that is about 19 May. And I received a certificate that is participation certificate of Erguvan. I drew many picture  for Spring Celebration of my school. But now I can’t draw picture in dormitory. I want to go on because I feel enjoy when I. Draw.


There are a lot of lesson that is necessary for exams. But every people can’t understand all of them. I can’t understand topics that need to memorize because I want to understand logic of topic so I don’t like memorize. I can’t do mathematics 2. and organic chemistry and modern physics. Their problems are solved by formules so I am bad at these lessons. However I like to understand. If I can understand I can solve all kinds of problems so I go on trying to understand.


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