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Geleneksel Bir Yemek Hakkında İngilizce Yazı

Ömründe hiç sarma yemeyen kimse yoktur sanırım. Ülkede herkesin sevdiği yemekler listesinde genellikle ilk sırayı alır değil mi. İşte sarma hakkında İngilizce ufak bir yazı.

Most Famous Food of Turkey

Every country has traditional foods. You want to try them when you go to foreign country. Turkey has a lot of  traditional food, like other countries. Travelers try baklava, sarma, flat breads, meatballs, Turkish delight and then some when they come to Turkey. But I want to tell about sarma. Sarma is the most famous food in Turkey. From east to West every people know it. Sarma is made on special days for example; wedding days, religious holdays and to entertain guests. Also almost every Turkish like it. Sarma is made with grape leafs, rice, parsley, onion, tomato paste, red pepper paste, olive oil and spices. Some people add raisin, minced meat and bulghur. History of sarma goes to Turkish of Central Asia. It has a important place in Turkish’s kitchen. If there isn’t sarma on table on special days, meal is certainly deficient for us. Absolutely every travelers should try it.


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