Şehirler: Hayatın Parçası (İngilizce)

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Şehirler: Hayatın Parçası (İngilizce)

The Cities: Piece of Life

         Some people want to live in their dream’s city or with nearest and dearest. Some people want only resident life. But I think the cities affect to people’s life whose live in there. So I want to live in some cities in different times of my life. For example, I lived the my childhood in a small city. That’s perfect place as either people or enviroment for me. That city affected me for my growing and ended. Now, I’m living this city and this is affecting to my life and ideas. For this reasons, if a person want to live in a city, he/she should think over on this topic/purpose. Certainly I want to live in big, cosy and full-featured city. And this city is İstanbul! (I don’t want to talk about İstanbul. If you didn’t understand or feel this city, it doesn’t matter for you what I said.) I wish you happiness with your cities…

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