Bir Şeyin Avantaj ve Dezavantajları Hakkında İngilizce Yazı

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Bir Şeyin Avantaj ve Dezavantajları Hakkında İngilizce Yazı

Belirlenen konunun artılarını ve eksilerini anlatmak için kullandığımız yapılardır. Bak bunun avantajları şunlarken dezavantajları şunlardır şeklinde aslında bir durum değerlendirmesi yazısı olarak bakabiliriz.

Studying in a Different City

Some of the students want to study university in a different city from the city where they live. There are advantages and disadvantages of this situation. First of all, you are alone, your family isn’t with you. You have to get used to this new place and you shouldn’t reflect difficulties of this process to your lessons. Also you miss your mother’s dishes. You can’t find homemade dishes everytime and if you live in a apart, you can have difficulty in cook. The most important thing of these problems of this situation is Money. You have to manage on Money which your family send you and if you get your pay education credit. But it isn’t easy everytime. If you study in a big city, it is more difficult. There are bad sides, it has good sides, though. For examples, you learn tol ive yourself. You can stand on your own legs. You can widen your viewpoint by seeing new city and meeting new people. You confidence can remain. Also friendships which starts in diffucult situation are getting close. You learn to manage on Money. Namely you learn to change negatives to positives. The only remaining thing is your choose. Will you study in your hometown or different city?

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